• Professional spray glue for automobile ceiling
    Heavy Duty Car Interior Headliner Spray Adhesive, for automotive,foam backed headliners,seat,carpet,etc.The company has been well received by customers around the world.
  • Multifunctional light material special adhesive
    Thermal insulation material spray adhesive,HVAC industries,for XPS foam,foil,rock wool,rubber hose,etc. https://www.sprayidea.com/super-spray-sponge-foam-adhesive-for-sponge_p10.html
  • Embroidered spray adhesive
    Canned aerosol embroidery spray glue is widely used in the computer embroidery industry, sand sculpture, cross stitch, traditional Chinese painting, photo albums and various lightweight materials. At the same time, it has the characteristics of long operation time and maintains viscosity within 40 minutes to ensure there is sufficient time for positioning operations on the multi-head embroidery machine without repeated glue spraying. It is especially important that Dayang sprayidea spray glue has passed the SGS non-toxic test, no formaldehyde and chlorine solvents, eco-feiendky, low odor, meets national environmental protection standards and strict export standards. The white transparent spray glue is suitable for white and other types. It will not turn yellow or black when used on the fabric, so you will have no worries. 1. Domestic independent R&D and production integrated spray adhesive production enterprise, 18-year technology patent product. 2. Embroidery spray glue is green and environmentally friendly, in line with national environmental protection standards and strict export standards. 3. Embroidery spray glue has strong stickiness, is not easy to penetrate, the spraying area is large, and the operation can be repeated. 4. The white transparent spray glue is suitable for use on a variety of fabrics, and will not turn yellow or black, so you have no worries Compared with the traditional double-sided adhesive positioning and other old methods, the use of embroidery spray glue on computer embroidery allows us to greatly reduce operating time, improve production efficiency, and reduce production costs. In addition, the high-viscosity embroidery spray glue can also be used in calligraphy and painting mounting, album pasting, A4 small advertisements, sand sculpture shaping and other purposes.
  • Screen printing spray glue
    Sprayidea 90 Hi-Temp Screen Printing Spray Adhesive is a non-chlorinated high-temp resistant spray adhesive formulated for screen printing industry. It's also great for heat transfer, quilting, applique and other temporary bonding applications. Suitable for bonding fabric, cloth, paper, and other light-weight material. 

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