Magic Screen Print Colour Laser Ink Stain Remover for Paper

Screen opener,oil inks remover,quick dissolving,fast acting,solvent inks in mesh.

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    Sprayidea 201
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    L/C, T/T
  • Product Origin:

    Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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    Guangzhou or Hongkong
  • Lead Time:

    20 days
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Sprayidea Screen Opener 201 is an aerosol spray designed to clear and open screens while still on a press. Dissolving all types of inks, fresh or old. Great for spot clean-up in hard-to- reach corners.Use this product at regular intervals to help prevent clogging and work delays.


Item No.:

Sprayidea 201




24 pieces/carton



Shelf life:





1.Works with plastisol and solvent inks;

2.Opens up dried ink in mesh;


4.Non-abrasive for a wide range of cleaning applications;

5.Smells better then any other screen opener on the market;

6.Formulated for a safer work environment.


  • Pressurized packing, may be explosive in high temperature. Keep well-ventilated, avoid the glue contacting with skin when using.
  • Should be stored in well-ventilated, dark, cool, dry place.
  • Do not store above 49℃, recommended storage at below 30℃.
  • Keep the children away from it ,spray the adhesive out completely before you throw it away.
  • When the adhesive contacted with skin or eyes, please clean with water. Serious please go to the doctor immediately.
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