Low voc carpet heavy duty spray adhesive

Sprayidea 36 low voc spray adhesive is specially formulated to be compliant to CA standard. The product can meet the most stringent environment protection demands and performs well.Sprayidea 36 low voc spray adhesive is specially formulated to be compliant to CA standard. The product can meet the most stringent environment protection demands and performs well.

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    Sprayidea 36
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    L/C, T/T
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    Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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    Guangzhou,Shenzhen or Hongkong
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    20 days
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Sprayidea 36 low voc carpet heavy duty permanent spray adhesive






Shelf life:

24 months




Low odor

Effect time:


Spray pattern:


Heat resistance:



3-5 years



Voc content:





Low voc spray adhesive is designed for CA market and others who have request for voc content specially. The carpet spray adhesive is ideal for attaching general upholstery materials and other porous materials to themselves and other substrates like wood, leather, fabric, metal and more. Very good to install carpet underlays.

This industrial grade low voc spray adhesive will release a quick and aggressive tack as soon as sprayed out, keeps your project moving forwarder. High solid content promises a low soak-in property which is friendly to all foam backed materials and other soft substrates.


●  Industrial grade permanent bonding strength

●  Low soak-in property

●  Adjustable web spray pattern

●  High performance-cost ration

Warnings: Flammable gas! Content under pressure! Eye irritant! Avoid direct sunshine, open fire or source of ignition! Store below 50℃! Keep out of reach of Children! Spray out completely before recycle!


1. Make sure the surfaces of substrates to be bonded are clean and dry;

2. Shake and spray approximately 20 - 30cm to surfaces of substrates;

3. Wait 30 - 60 seconds to let solvents evaporate;

4. Bond the substrates together, put pressure on the substrate from the centre to outwards to meet the best effect;

5. When the project finished, turn the can upside down, then spray 2-3s to clear glue residue in nozzle and dip tube in order to avoid blocking.

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Why choose us?

★  Chinese Hi-Tech enterprise

★  21 years experienced manufacturer with independence R&D department.

★  Large scale spray adhesive manufacturer in Asia.

★  Annual aerosol products output up to 70 million bottles.

★  Professional customers service including before-sales, in-sale and after-sales.

★  Holder of Invention patent and utility model patent.


Q.: What’s the difference between low voc spray adhesive and normal spray adhesive?

A.: Low voc spray adhesive is specially designed for the market who has strict request for voc content. Its performance and                   applications are the same with normal spray adhesive.


Q.: How can I get a sample before to order large quantity?

A.: As an experienced manufacturer and exporter, we’ve collected some channels for samples delivery. Just leave us your                     consignee information please.


Q.: How about the private label service MOQ?

A.: 5000pcs for sticker cans and 8000pcs for printing cans.


Q.: Can you do voc content less then 40%?

A.: Yes, we have our own R&D department, they can develop new formula as per customers’ request.


Q.: Can your spray adhesive nozzle has different width options ?

A.: Our spray adhesive nozzle is 360 degrees rotatable, and with it turns to different directions, the spray width will change                     accordingly, therefore they can meet your different projects request.


Welcome to contact us with your any query!

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