Dragon Boat Festival

Jun 13, 2021

Happy Dragon Boat Festival! It is the time of a year we enjoy a get-together time with our loved ones, eat steamed rice dumplings, celebrate the spirits of teamwork by watching dragon boat races, and send the traditional holiday’s wishes – staying healthy across the year!

Sprayidea wish all our customers, business partners as well as our Sprayidea China colleagues and all their families a nice holiday, also you can having traditional food Zong Zi (粽子) with friends, both will further stick you together like the rice stuffing in Zong Zi!
In addition to food and sports, over thousands of years, the festival is celebrated with the wish to dispel diseases and invoke good health, which is particularly critical & meaningful at this time. Our best wishes go to everyone who’s in the midst of fighting against disease and pandemic!

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