Dongguan Dayang Aerosol Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as Dayang Enterprise) was built up in 2000. It now owns NANAN DAYANG AEROSOL MANUFACTURE CO.,LTD., SUZHOU AOQI CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD., GUANGDONG GUERQI AEROSOL NEW ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD., HK I DO CO.,LTD., self-governed R&D lab and several marketing centers. Dayang Enterprise is not only the first integration manufacturer with independent R & D department in China, but also a large-scale aerosol adhesive manufacturer in Southeast Asia. Backed by our own 30,000 factory, spacious and tide production environment, advanced automatic facilities, know-how professionals, wealthy production experience, strict ISO quality control system, and scaled mass-production plan, our annual output is over 30 million bottles.

The technology of Dayang Enterprise relies on well-known chemicals industry experts and talents in authoritative schools, thus provides sustainable development with reliable technical support, ensures the leading status of products performance. At the meanwhile, we bring in advanced chemistry detection & analysis equipments, set up Dayang Aerosol Union Lab together with authority institution of higher learning. The lab has attracted many doctors and masters to participate in the research and development work, plays a positive role in technical reserve of Dayang Aerosol. Besides, many of our projects get funding and support from the government, we own many Invention patents products under GUERQI, JIEERQI, BANGERQI,YUEHUI, SPRAYIDEA brands.

Our aerosol products are widely applied to various industries like Garment & Textile, Wind Power, Yacht Manufacturing, Hardware & Mold, Rubber & Plastics, Building & Decoration, Automobile Care, Printing, Household, etc. With market developing rapidly,our sales network has covered the whole country. Totally we have set up five big sales centers in the east,  south, central, west and north of China. Every center radiates its nearby districts. On the other hand, Dayang Enterprise  creates Overseas Marketing Department and E-Commerce Department, making our products also popular in Asia, Africa,Europe and America. Moreover, we are able to offer aerosol OEM&ODM services to customers at home and abroad. The management constantly increases R&D investment to rich product category and satisfy different customers’ demands, many competitive marketing strategies and new hi-tech products come out every year.

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