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Zero Waste – From a Single Valve to Finished Product

Zero Waste - from single valve to finished product

From the reused printing paper to each adhesive can on your hand. At Sprayidea®, we believe it would be nicer and nicer, that is the basic requirements concerned in our mind while starting innovation and produce a new item.

Waste-free adhesive

From a small single valve to a large aerosol can all tested by our quality control vision, promise to make maximum usage on various application. Aside from precise nozzle control, the special low-temperature filling technology made the adhesive can be used eventually without leaving any drop. It will save you a lot of time and greatly improve your work efficiency.

Recyclable package

All our aerosol cans made from tinplate, which can be recycled after use, break down naturally and won’t make a bad influence on the environment. The scrap material of tinplate can be collected by the local waste recycling company and applied to other industries, which would greatly reduce energy consumption.

Following are three key features of tinplate can,

- Strong pressure resistance capability, keep the shape even through long-distance transportation

- Recyclable and can be broken down naturally

- Good shapeability


Please note won’t throw it away.

Watch the demonstration video below to see more clearly about the production,

alternatively click here to talk other aspects of product with us.

Post time: Jul-22-2018

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