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What’s Your Score in the Fiercer Adhesive Market Competition?

Adhesive Industry News

Occupied the mid- to high-end adhesive market, many multinational enterprise shift their producing and consumption core to Asia to save manufacturing budget as well as expand market share to keep their leading position in this competition.

Adhesive industry developed many different type adhesives to feed the demands of many different industry, it brings great benefit to various industry fields. In the same time, environmental issue become a serious problem the whole adhesive market faced. As reported, the polyurethane adhesive is now developing to the direction of solvent free, water-based and high performance.

Obviously, eco-friendly would be an important develop element in the adhesive market.

Following are some features of three big main adhesive markets.


1.Annual market grow over 8% – Korea


The Korea adhesive market is still keep stable increasing for the past two years, And the functional adhesives used for automotive, electronic and electrical, footwear field is increased fastest. In the R&D of technology, Korea enterprises mainly focus on environmental adhesive, water based latex and others. However, low cost formulation and technology still is the key competition element, expects said. Korea adhesive enterprises would increase their research and development efforts in the future.


2.Pay More Attention on Adhesives Safety, Environmental and Quality – Japan


With the economic recovery in previous years, Japan’s adhesive production has steadily increased, with environmentally friendly adhesives accounting for a high proportion. Currently, Japan’s market now pay more and more attention on the safety, environmental and quality of adhesives. Various kind of environmentally friendly adhesives developed well in the market. And the Japan’s adhesive market shows three key characteristics: functional paste, quick paste and pressure sensitive paste. Their functional adhesives is popular in package, automotive and electronic fields.


3.General Products Oversupply and the Demands of functional products boosts – China


China is the biggest adhesive producing and consumption country for now. The sales volume is large bigger than producing volume. Aside from the element of increased raw material price, the highly increase of high quality, high performance is import excuse for it. In China, the demands of high quality and high performance adhesives is increased fast in electronic and electrical, automotive and aerospace fields. Believed that the quality of China’s adhesive products will be significantly improved, and production would be more concentrated.


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Post time: Aug-21-2018

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