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The behind story: How a leather craft is made?

If  it is to say a thing that contains most old memories of people, it must be the small or big one leather craft around the house.

The story behind leather craft

Whatever is the old wallet in the cabinet, a dog collar wore by your cherished dog pet or a cardholder you made to avoid the bus pass lost, leather sofa all of this made with leathers.

How is a leather sofa made?

Generally speaking, the occur of leather sofa is a symbol that indicates human being is away from the ancient age to advanced modern age.

A leather sofa mainly contains 4 parts: the frame, the supporting foundation, the cushioning and the upholstery.

1. The frame made extensive usage of kiln-dried hardwood (photo above), such as oak, alder, birch or maple ago cause that they hold screws, staples, and nails securely in place for a long time. Gradually, it took placed by hard plywood board with the development of technology, which is the most durable material among all of the materials.

2. The supporting foundation provides best bear strength is the Eight-way, hand-tied, coil spring construction. Aside from this, new steel spring configurations offer equal durable quality. In a general way, the amount and the reinforced way of springs make a result of the cost and quality.

spring structure







3. The cushioning usually made from some types of polyurethane foam, and other materials ( including cotton, polyester fiber, and foam ) applied to it also according to the different design.

4. The upholstery usually made from the cotton, silk and wool materials. Using genius leather, by contrast, it provides good texture and durable for a really long time than fabric materials.


Did you know how much materials a leather sofa required? Typically, it needs 15 yds of burlap and 10 yds of muslin for the interior, and fastened with 1,000 or more tacks, 200 yd of twine and hundreds of yards of sewing thread.


If you are interested in adhesives used to bond the foam and upholstery materials, you can have a look for Sprayideal 32 foam spray adhesive and Sprayidea® Contact adhesive. Or contact us here.

Post time: Aug-03-2018

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