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Sprayidea® New Product is Coming

Sprayidea 's New Product - sprayidea 96 pressure sensitive spray adhesive

The application range of  Sprayidea’s adhesive is growing.



At an earlier time the 28th of June, the technical professors from our independent R&D lab developed Sprayidea® 86 Eco-friendly Mist Spray Adhesive and Sprayidea® 90 Hi-temp Premium Screen Printing  Spray Adhesive to fulfill the needs in the Screen Printing Industry. Cause that for large printing volume and small printing volume, clients have different requirements.


Same as general industry applied spray adhesive, Sprayidea® 96 pressure sensitive spray adhesive offers uniform spray and fast tack, both available for temporary & permanent bonds and widely used on plastic, foam padding, electronic component, leather, polyethylene and composite materials.


What makes Sprayidea® 96 different is that gets strength as the pressure is applied, you can adjust the strength according to the weight of the substrate and your needs. With long open time ( from hours to days ), you would have sufficient time to position materials. It does not solidify to form a solid material but remains viscous, non-staining to the application surface. Believe that it would improve the user experience much of clients who required long position time as well as adjustable strength spray adhesive


If you want to know more about it, or want to have relevant documents of it click here to get contact with us.

Post time: Jul-20-2018

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