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Sprayidea® Adhesive Be Applied to Wind Power Generation Field

Wind power generation fieldThe energy plays an important role in the development of nowadays economic society. Different from petroleum and natural gas, influenced by the price and one day would be exhausted, wind as a renewable energy source is inexhaustible。In addition to, it won’t make pollute and can reduce the toxic gases emissions. Its reported that, installed each capacity of 1NW unit wind energy generator can reduce 2000t carbon dioxide emissions. Society pays large attention to the innovation of the wind power generation field.


With the elapse of time, the manufacturing of wind rotor blades are changed from wooden blades to aluminum alloy blades and now it is made from composite materials. The production of the wind power generation field is increased to a large type, and traditional aluminum materials can’t meet this requirement. GRP, the glass fiber reinforced plastic widely applied in wind power generator field (wind rotor blades, cabins cover and fairing) on the basis of lightweight with strong strength, excellent weatherproof performance to suit the application requirements, and long usage time. Other composite materials are applied to general aviation, yachts, auto parts and rail transit industries.


Usually, Wind turbine blades are made through vacuum infusion molding process. Multi-purpose spray adhesive tack and hold fabrics like glass, carbon and other similar dry materials in place during resin infusion, vacuum molding or RTM process, won’t interfere with the curing process of polyester resin, epoxy resin, or vinyl resin and finally become a part of the polyesters. It makes for lighter and stronger parts and avoids problems such as bonding failure, resin blockage and surface defects in the finished product. It provides a temporary hold for fiberglass materials prior to the application of fiberglass resin and/or gel coat to build up composites.


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Post time: Aug-14-2018

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