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Shoe Factory Workers Get Sicked by Bad Shoe Glue

Recently, many news reported that many Shenzhen and Guangzhou shoe factory workers get sicked by bad shoe glue, now they are staying in the local hospital.

One of the patients reflects that she usually feels dizzy and dazzled in the morning, and this condition lasts for 3 years. She was thinking its because she is tired, but the fact is she poisoned.

As a result, they have been diagnosed with dichloroethane poisoning. You might feel strange about dichloroethane. However, it is the main chemical ingredient of shoe glue, which shoe factory workers touched frequently.

Aside from price, protection for foot, wearing comfort and other elements, for the shoe factory, whether glue they used is Eco-friendly is the most important element in long-term development. Using environment contact adhesive do not harm human health. Sprayidea® is one of leading manufacturer dealing with adhesive products. Sprayidea® 21 neoprene contact adhesive formulated by environment material, comparison with market similar contact adhesive, it has low odor and is of high quality, and passed by SGS and ISO 9001:2008. Even if used for a long time, it won’t do harm to workers health. Meanwhile, Sprayidea® also can fill different weights of glue and provide OEM service according to your requirements.

Shoe Factory Workers Get Sicked By Bad Shoe Glue

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Post time: Aug-24-2018

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