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New Empyrean – A Revolution in Fiberglass Molding Process

With the development of high-tech, things are changing a lot in fiberglass molding process, which typically used for marine, gigantic wind turbines, and other products in the transportation industry. The method gradually changes from open-molding ( high in chemical emission, messy, low controllability ) to closed molding ( vacuum infusion process), a more safer and effective way to fiberglass molding.vacuum infusion process

To give a rough idea for how this method works, first coated a mold with a wax coating, and then layered on various kind of fabrics and hold them well by using a strong strength vacuum infusion spray adhesive. Enter:  Sprayidea® 92 composite materials infusion spray adhesive, placed peel ply on and followed by the perforated release film, fixed the vacuum hose with an adhesive tape, and the last step is feeding the resin into the vacuum bag and distributed over the entire component.

So whats the progress from open-molding to closed molding? The finished part is lighter and has stronger strength than traditional open-molding. The reason is that the vacuum infusion process uses a lower resin  and a higher fibre at the same part weight.

In addition, VIP brings the all environmental advantages of a closed mold process: minimized the styrene emissions meet the low voc requirement, and with minimal-to-no voids in the finished laminate, made the part has strong strength.

And what can Sprayidea® 92 do for it?

In the vacuum process, Sprayidea 92 infusion spray adhesive provides a permanent bonding strength to hold fabrics well in places, avoid any wrinkle and move to confirm a flat surface of the finished part. Especially, it is uniform particle misty spray ensures full coverage while allows the resin to saturate the layup effectively.

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Post time: Jul-13-2018

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