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Look at The Beautiful Place!

Sprayidea new warehouse

Sprayidea’s warehouse in Dongguan now has a little change and in a mess, but all of us are happy to see it. Since there are many good excuses for this.

Soon, and in a very short time. We will have a brand new place for keeping the balance of supply and demand, the storage of goods, and can hardly wait to start it.


In addition to, we found an interested thing while clean old warehouse, the expanded polystyrene board ( in official room ) we used Sprayidea® 31 hi-strength spray adhesive to bond is still with strong strength and hard to peel it off the wall over a long past time. This just proves the quality of Sprayidea® 31. If you are going to fulfill a woodworking project, it would be a right choice.  


Look forward the new face of it. The story to be continued…. 

Post time: Aug-07-2018

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