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Join Us in HanoiTex2018 with Your Questions

Will, you visit or attend this exhibition? As the foreign developed brand of Dongguan Dayang Aerosol Chemical Technology Co., Ltd, we want to give you a sketch for what special aerosols designed for sew trades and answer your questions.

Join Us with Your Questions at HanoiTex2018



For the last two decades, Sprayidea® has been working in developing a series of complete and high-performance aerosol products for sewing trade. With about 20 years experience, we also clearly realized that no item can help customers finish the project in only one step, it requires a series of high-performance sewing aerosols.

When it comes to cleaning oil stains on cloth, Sprayidea® fast-dry clean spot lifters improve its cleaning effect greatly, much faster than other brands products. With fresh odor instead of pungent color.


VIEW and TEST IT in person at HANOITEX2018!


Sprayidea® professors and sales team now stays in the exhibition, ready to answer your questions through demonstration and on-site testing.

One of most common questions with embroidery spray adhesive is the many sprays can’t hold the substrate after re-positioning for several times. For this problem, you can come and confirm Sprayidea’s quality by yourself. Whatever you are an end-user or distributor, we are happy to help you find the best aerosol solution for your project. You can check the result in advance.

Feel curious about Sprayidea® full series of aerosol for sewing trade? Listed us in your visit plan, come and see how they work at stand 1I – 2.

Post time: Sep-20-2018

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