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Record of Dayang Aerosol team building activity on the solar term “Beginning of Winter”2019: Let’s make dumplings

Beginning of Winter, one of the 24 solar terms, it usually happens between 7th and 8th November. It is a seasonal solar term since our ancient ages. This solar term means winter starts, days will get shorter and nights get longer since then, also the noon sun height is getting lower.


For this year, the solar term is on 8th November. To celebrate Beginning of Winter Day, Dayang Aerosol hold making dumplings team building activity in its head office Dongguan city.


In the morning, we distributed different work such as purchasing ingredients and tools. In the afternoon, we started preparing work including cleaning foods, making dumplings, cooking dumplings. During the whole process, all members are with smile and joy. Manager Wang of Embroidery Spray Adhesive Team won the title of “Chief Cook of Dayang”by virtue of his awesome, professional and full cooking skills. Manager Wu of All Purpose Spray Adhesive Team ranks second to Manager Wang, and was titled as “Vice Chief Cook of Dayang”. Projects Supervisor Mr. Lei gained a lot from this activity because he learned excellent cooking dumplings skill from Manager Wang.


The most happy thing is making dumplings. All Dayang family members showed their different methods and skills. Though dumplings are made to different shapes and sizes, we are proud of self-making.


In the end, we ate up all dumplings happily. It’s not the dumplings but the close cooperation that makes us happy. With this lovely and positive team, Dayang Aerosol is on its way.


Post time: Nov-08-2019

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