LXXXVIII Sprayidea PICTURA RAMULUS STYPTICUS - Sina Dayang Donec Aerosol
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·   MALITIA Price: US $ I - X / Motet;  

·   Min.Order Price: Motet MCC / Mass

·   Supple Facultates: 6000000 8000000 est Song / mense per fragmina

·   Locus Origin: Guangdong, Sinis (continentis)

·   Portus: Guangzhou vel Hong Kong

·   Amet, servicia available

·   Lorem Terms: L / C, T / T

Product Detail

Product Tags

◆ SBS genus, non CFS, transparent caelique caligabunt rore, humilis suavitatis

◆   Temporary bond, fast tack with wide coverage

◆ De longius repetere concedit operatio tempus ante plenam vinculum siccatio

◆ applicationem industria Specimen pro opere plumarii 


magnitudine DC ml | g CCCXC
odor Odor humilis
Consuetudinem Festinaverunt itaque applicationem industria
species Agnus transparent
genus vinculum tempus vinculum
feature repositionable
MENDICULUS otium XXX minutes
Exsiccatum est vinculum XXX ad LX seconds
Insecta Non CFS
libellum Is an ISO - (IX)I
Book tempore XXIV menses
package XXIV inter se cans currus
Ft continentis XX L 812 cartons
XL ft continentis L 1718 cartons
XL ft continentis HP 2000 cartons


agitabit illud

Et agitabit illud usque ad consequi meliorem unda effectum in multis temporibus


Evenly spray from up to down or left to the right side at a distance of 15 to 20 centimeters from the operation surface

Pages adjust

After 15 to 30 seconds, adjust the position of material if needed( within 30 minutes ), and then paste it on fabric

Redige imbre

Noli oblivisci neque enim imbre et pone can I ad III seconds, aut clean COLLUM cum alio solvente, quod potest haesitque ne COLLUM et per patientiam sustentatur vita vestra infundere rores tenaces



Q: Is it possible to buy one can for testing?

De causae, sicut misit inquisitionis est nobis, vobis laetus accivit,

Q: Can you provide relevant product documents to us?

Yes, we can offer relevant documents of this product to you if it's required.

Q: Can you guarantee the safe delivery of the goods?

Sure, we are an experienced exporter, our products have been selling to India, Bangladesh, Thailand, America, Mexico, and Brazil successfully

Q: Do you offer OEM services?

Ita nos Altera servicia offerre possit dextera tua, et custodiat in foro.

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